Thursday, November 16, 2006

Make Up Bargains - Was $6.00 - Now only $1.99 for Avon Liquid Lip Color

Save an amazing 66% on this Avon Bestselling Lipcolor - Avon Glazewear.
Was $6.00, now only $1.99 each!

And the colors are fabulous - and there's a bounty of gorgeous shades to choose from, including lots of luscious neutrals that I happen to love. Go crazy and buy a bunch!

Beauty Bargains - Only 99 Cents for Avon Bubble Bath

Need some bath therapy, FAST? Try a few of these Avon Mini Bubble Baths - less than a buck a piece! Pick up a bunch and share them with friends. There's a scent here to please just about everyone...

Free Shipping Weekend at Stonewall Kitchen

Free Shipping over $99 - visit

Had to share this with all of you, because this is one of my FAVE places to shop online! :) With a full line of Barefoot Contessa goodies, you'll find a perfect gift for a foodie here. Browse through all of the gorgeous products and you'll likely find a few new delights for YOU too!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Organize Your Desk - Metallic Bulletin Board for Notes, Bills & Everything Else

Hate cluttered piles of paper? This great magnetic bulletin board will let you see notes, bills, reminders all at a glance...

Uses both magnets AND push pins, so you won't get holes in precious photos or mementos. :) Smart product. Good price point too at only $27.99 for a large size bulletin board.

Again, this is a multi-use product. It would also be fantastic in the kitchen for holding recipes, grocery lists, To Do Lists, etc.

Get Organized - Lid Rack and Holder for Pots and Pans

We Happy Slobs are fantastic and fun people, but organized is NOT a word we generally would use to describe ourselves. (Unfortunately, no one else would describe us like that either!)

But, with handy organizational products like this great pots and pans lid rack, we can gradually ease our way into a life of LESS chaos.

This is a real multi-purpose organizing tool. I think it would also be great in the bathroom as a magazine rack...or in the home office as a handy way to store files, mail, etc. At only $8.99 each, you might as well get a couple of them. I know I need one of these desperately - the lids of my pots and pans are scattered, and I hate not finding the lid I need when I need it! :)

The Happy Slob Loves: Chocolate - Chocolate Truffles and Cocoa Maker

Chocolate is cho COOL ate if you ask me. :) Groan, I know, that was awfully bad. But, chocolate is the most delectable food known to man(and woman) kind. Here are my favorite new chocolate goodies to share with all of you:

Back to Basics - Cocoa & Latte Maker Only $24.99

Because sometimes you not only want chocolate -- you want HOT chocolate. And this groovy gizmo makes it easier than ever to accomplish that, and look stylish at the same time. Great gift idea too.

2.2 lb Box of Gourmet French Chocolate Truffles
Only $15.99 for the gift box set of truffles

The shop next door to where I work is a Chocolate Truffle shop - and let me tell you, I have become utterly and truly ADDICTED to find truffles! They charge $2 each, so this is a delicious chocolate treat with a far more reasonable price tag attached. These are a great gift idea, boxed up and ready to give. OR hey, give this as a gift to yourself and be really happy!