Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kitchen Must Haves: Whisks, Bowls and All Clad

I love kitchen gadgets, tools, and small appliances. I like holding a new whisk and imagining it at work whipping up a fluffy omelet or homemade chocolate pudding. I like feeling the heft of and looking at the artistry of a beautifully made chef-style pan. I can't (for some odd reason) get enough tiny bowls! (I don't know how many herbs I really think I need to chop in advance...sheesh.)

So, today's bargains are some beautiful, handy and downright practical kitchen gadgets for that most loved room - the kitchen! You know the place, where are the visiting, cooking, laughing, and making endless cups of tea happens. Oh, and in my little apartment kitchen it also includes a kitty who rolls around happily and looks up at me with big blue eyes as if to say how dare I not feed her again. Even though her last meal time was all of twenty minutes ago. Ahh, the kitchen. Whether it's big, small, renovated to sparkling newness or stuck firmly in the 80's, a kitchen is always a wholesome and nourishing place to be.

So: today's picks are a great set of small glass bowls...a beautiful whisk with a comfortable favorite All Clad saute pan (useful in a million ways!)...and a popular little garlic tool that makes chopping garlic as easy and fun as playing with a toy car. No kidding.

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