Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Happy Slob Loves: Chocolate - Chocolate Truffles and Cocoa Maker

Chocolate is cho COOL ate if you ask me. :) Groan, I know, that was awfully bad. But, chocolate is the most delectable food known to man(and woman) kind. Here are my favorite new chocolate goodies to share with all of you:

Back to Basics - Cocoa & Latte Maker Only $24.99

Because sometimes you not only want chocolate -- you want HOT chocolate. And this groovy gizmo makes it easier than ever to accomplish that, and look stylish at the same time. Great gift idea too.

2.2 lb Box of Gourmet French Chocolate Truffles
Only $15.99 for the gift box set of truffles

The shop next door to where I work is a Chocolate Truffle shop - and let me tell you, I have become utterly and truly ADDICTED to find truffles! They charge $2 each, so this is a delicious chocolate treat with a far more reasonable price tag attached. These are a great gift idea, boxed up and ready to give. OR hey, give this as a gift to yourself and be really happy!


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