Sunday, April 30, 2006

Money Saving: Cost of Living Tool

So far this bargain blog of mine has been all about bargains found online, fun products, etc, etc. Now, those are all lovely things in and of themselves, but with a big frugality goal ahead of me -- gulp -- I want to turn this blog into a bargain finders blog PLUS a big dose of frugality thrown into the mix. (More on my frugality and debt reducing goals in an upcoming post...)

Right, as I was saying -- when you're trying to make every dollar stretch further, one very basic thing you need to know is: "Where can I live for less?" I found this amazing Cost of Living tool online, which allows you to compare the cost of living in two cities. (I believe it's just in the US...I'm in Canada, but still thought this was such a neato thing that I had to share it with you fellow frugalites.) Here's the link:

So, if you're facing a move and want to know ahead of time where you can live better on less, this should help you a lot!

Have any frugal tips and hints? Please send them on to me at IF you have a frugal or simplicity blog you'd like to share with me, please send that in too! :) We penny pinchers need to stick together and make it all fun...

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Cotton Canvas 80-Pocket Jewelry (Jewellery) Organizer

So one thing ALL of us happy slobs really need is help organizing. Especially little bitty things like jewelry, that tends to become an overwhelming mess in no time at all. I love this organizer - there are 80 pockets so there's plenty of room for all of your jewelry collection. Best of all? Clear plastic pockets so that you can easily see EXACTLY where that seashell necklace is, or that fun pair of hoop earrings. :) No more searching through drawers and piles of junk to find what you're looking for.

40% off Now!

Adorable Ladybug Umbrella for Kids

I normally don't feature kids stuff on this Bargains blog, but today I couldn't help but share this adorable little umbrella with all of you! :) When I saw this cute ladybug umbrella on Amazon, I actually started to giggle at the computer screen. I know, pretty weird! But look at it - if you have kids, grandchildren, nieces, nephews - whatever - and they love ladybugs, well they will really adore this:

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Great Bargains on Women's Apparel and Accessories - Up to 75% Off

There are loads of bargains to be had online today! Check these out:

  • A cute twill hat for summer for only $5.99
  • A retro canvas shoulder bag at 50% off (in great earthy shades that I love!)
  • An adorable mini backpack in vibrant colors for only $13.95
  • Ruffled Hobo bag in pink, lime green or camel brown for under 20 bucks
  • Oversized fashion sunglasses for you fashionista slobs for $16.00

And LOADS more! All right here:

Great Accessories at Bargain Prices

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Save 85% on a Calphalon Super Swanky Nonstick and Non-scratch Pan with Lid

Whew, now wasn't that a mouthful? :) This luxurious pan normally sells for (gulp) $143.00 more than today's $29.99 pricetag -- meaning it is one of the best quality pans going on the market! It's nonstick and resistant to scratches, and at this price you could get 2 - one for you and one for a friend!

Act quickly on this bargain, because it really won't last long!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

40% off a Rustic Chalet Style Birdfeeder
And, while you're out looking adorable in the garden, let your feathered friends drop by and have a little comfort! This cute chalet style (which makes me grin -- saying a birdfeeder is 'chalet style', like the little creatures are about to ski down the Alps after a big mug of hot cocoa) bird feeder is perfect for any back yard, even if yours consists of a balcony!

Save $5.00 on Women's Floral Rain boots

Why wear boring old rain boots when you could wear floral ones? :) These would be fun this spring when you're puttering around your garden, making things look lovely (hopefully...hahah...we happy slobs have good intentions but not always sterling results!)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sarah McLachlan

Fumbling towards Ecstasy is still one of my favorite CDs of all time. Does anyone else on earth have such a sweet and mournful voice as Sarah McLachlan does? I remember playing this tape (yes, tape!) over and over again when I was younger, bellowing my admittedly UNmelodic little voice along with Sarah's gorgeous, pain-tinged voice. :) Sweet memories come with this one...if you don't have it, add it to your music collection:

Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer
I am ever so SLIGHTLY addicted to Burt's Bees products. With gorgeous natural goodies packed in every product they make - like real essential oils and beeswax of course - it makes you feel good to splurge on this stuff! This lip shimmer is soothing on your lips and makes you look like the gorgeous Happy Slob that you are. Indulge!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Handtinting Photographs
There is something downright old fashioned and romantic about hand tinted (also called hand colored or hand toned) photography. I love photos, period, but I especially love looking at these old fashioned photos that were carefully and delicately tinted.

:) I've had a couple of books on this subject in my library for a while now, BUT I haven't given the techniques a try! I'm determined to do exactly that next month when my cousin gets married. I thought it would make a beautiful gift for the new couple.

And yes, I KNOW you can tint photographs digitally, but where would the joy be in that? I love the idea of using artists supplies and applying the color carefully, by hand. I think it would just feel more like my very own creation that way, you know?

Here are the best books Amazon has on teaching you how to hand tint black & white photography:

Monday, April 03, 2006

Indulge...LUSH Blackberry Bath Bomb

A lovely treat for your next bath - this HUGE bath bomb is loaded with bergamot and frankincense oils.

The Blackberry Bath Bomb has a deliciously fruity scent, seasoned with a smattering of frankincense, traditionally used to relieve nervous tension, calm stress and to help you cut ties with the past. Bergamot essential oil is said to inspire confidence and relieve depression. Why not use one to blast all the negativity, whish is topping you from getting out there and getting on with it? Use our happy blackberry bombs in the morning to blow away sad thoughts and launch you into a bright new day full of unlimited potential.