Friday, April 07, 2006

Handtinting Photographs
There is something downright old fashioned and romantic about hand tinted (also called hand colored or hand toned) photography. I love photos, period, but I especially love looking at these old fashioned photos that were carefully and delicately tinted.

:) I've had a couple of books on this subject in my library for a while now, BUT I haven't given the techniques a try! I'm determined to do exactly that next month when my cousin gets married. I thought it would make a beautiful gift for the new couple.

And yes, I KNOW you can tint photographs digitally, but where would the joy be in that? I love the idea of using artists supplies and applying the color carefully, by hand. I think it would just feel more like my very own creation that way, you know?

Here are the best books Amazon has on teaching you how to hand tint black & white photography:


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