Sunday, April 30, 2006

Money Saving: Cost of Living Tool

So far this bargain blog of mine has been all about bargains found online, fun products, etc, etc. Now, those are all lovely things in and of themselves, but with a big frugality goal ahead of me -- gulp -- I want to turn this blog into a bargain finders blog PLUS a big dose of frugality thrown into the mix. (More on my frugality and debt reducing goals in an upcoming post...)

Right, as I was saying -- when you're trying to make every dollar stretch further, one very basic thing you need to know is: "Where can I live for less?" I found this amazing Cost of Living tool online, which allows you to compare the cost of living in two cities. (I believe it's just in the US...I'm in Canada, but still thought this was such a neato thing that I had to share it with you fellow frugalites.) Here's the link:

So, if you're facing a move and want to know ahead of time where you can live better on less, this should help you a lot!

Have any frugal tips and hints? Please send them on to me at IF you have a frugal or simplicity blog you'd like to share with me, please send that in too! :) We penny pinchers need to stick together and make it all fun...


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