Monday, September 25, 2006

A Shower Curtain Covered in Ducks

Because, a groovy Happy Slob like yourself will WANT a cute shower curtain covered in ducks. Who wouldn't want one?

Just click on the link above to see the picture!

In Honor of a Great Shower: Bargains are Showering Down

:) Groan, I know, that subject was a bit pathetic. But I've found some excellent shower/bathroom deals that you're going to love. So, forgive me my cheesey writing skills and carry on to enjoy the bargains!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Save 47% on Real Simple Magazine - Food, Home & Garden

Real Simple magazine is a gem - a magazine that is beautiful to look at, and filled with information on simplifying every aspect of your life. JUST what a Happy Slob needs and wants.

A great bargain - 47% off!

Save on Paper Crafts Magazine - Great Paper Decorating/Crafting Ideas

Try Paper Crafts Magazine
and Save 70%

Scrapbookers or any crafters will LOVE this magazine. It's amazing what some creative ideas and different types of paper can do! Loads of fun projects for all levels of crafters - projects include everything

Save on Bon Appetit Magazine - Great for Gourmet Food Lovers

A nice blend of gourmet dishes and regular daily dishes to incorporate into your regular menu. :) Great gift idea for those who love to experiment with their cooking.

Magazines All Over the Place - Great Bargains on Magazines

Sometimes, you just want a fresh, glossy magazine to flip through. Whether it's fashion or food that you love - there are bundles of magazines just waiting for you to browse...

Here are some of the best magazine bargains around - and remember, a 1-year (or longer) magazine subscription makes a fantastic gift for a friend. :) It's a gift that really DOES keep on giving throughout the year.

1st Magazine Bargain: Save 67% on Southern Living Magazine

Filled with fantastic recipes, gardening tips, decorating and renovating ideas and so much more, Southern Living is a tradition. Plus, through this special offer you save 67% - so it's only $1.99 an issue!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pets Travelling in Style: Soft Sided Pet Carrier

A cozy way for your pet to travel with you. And look pretty glorious along the way!

Oh, and did I mention that this is a really sweet bargain at only $17.99.

Save 50% on a Window Perch for Kitties

I've got two kitties and they're great pals. :) They just seem to understand me. And there's nothing that seems to please them more than gazing outside, watching those leaves fall, and an occasional squirrel wander by.

This is the perfect gift for your cats - a cozy perch for their favorite window.

Our Pets Get All the Attention Today

Today's bargain picks are all for our furry, feathered or scaled friends who are definitely a HUGE part of our family. (Especially my kitties - to say they're a bit overweight is a very kind understatement. Yikes.)

Anyway, enjoy today's Pick of the Litter - products to pamper your pets (at prices that even a Happy Slob will love.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

True Tea Lovers Only: Teapot Drawer Pulls - Cute & Kitschy

Now, how cute would these be on a little girls' dresser? Or perhaps a little chest of drawers in the kitchen? Or, I'm sure you could put them to use in your crafting room. :) Absolutely kitschy and perfect - if you have just the right spot for them. Definitely an unexpected little touch...


Teatime Scrapbooking Embellishments

Love tea AND love scrapbooking? Then this adorable little set of embellishments by Jolees by You will charm you AND add that same charm to your newest scrapbooking project...

Set comes complete with 1 teapot, 4 little tea cups, and 2 little teabags. So cute!
Only $2.99 for the set.

Green Tea Scented Mini Diffuser - Great for Home or Office

This mini oil reed diffuser will add a natural scent of green tea to your home, office, or anywhere else you choose!

Teapot #3 - Chef Teapot - This Teapot Has REAL Character!

Why have a plain old regular teapot, when you can have this fellow instead? ;) He'll bring a smile to your face every time you brew up a fresh pot.

Teapot #2: Brown Betty Teapot made in England

This is a true Brown Betty teapot, handmade in England. :) We sell tons of these in the shop where I work - and they do not drip. Hooray!

Tea Time: My Picks of Gorgeous Teapots

Tea time, NOT tee time is the way I like it! :) I may not be much of a golfer, but boy do I love a great cup of tea. But, to thoroughly enjoy a delicious cuppa, I also want an adorable teapot to brew my tea in. Here are some of my favorites to add to my collection:

Bodum 4-Cup Tea Press
it's a whole new way to enjoy your tea!

It's all About the Tea: Bentley's Finest Teas Gift Set

Today, it's all about the tea!

First up is a gorgeous gift set of Bentley's Finest Teas. This beautiful gift set, packaged in a wooden tea chest (that is velvet lined, no less), features 12 each of the following teas:

  • Orange Spice
  • Raspberry
  • Earl Grey
  • English Breakfast
  • Peach
  • Green Teas

Was $34.99 -- Now $18.75


Monday, September 18, 2006

Make a Statement with This Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

When you want to make a serious fashion statement, this elegant, eye-catching silver bracelet is just what you need. Real sterling silver that has been ornately scrolled and designed. This would look downright AMAZING with that incredible black dress in your closet...(I'm assuming you have one! ;0)

Was $159.00
Now $49.99
You Save: 69%

A Shimmering Shell Butterfly Pin for only $12.99

:) I'm a sucker for cute pins, I admit it right here and now. This one caught my eye while I was doing some cyber-searching for great bargains for this blog! This adorable shimmery butterfly pin is crafted from real shells. A shimmery crystal adorns the butterfly's heads and each attenae.

Take a look:

Regular Price: $25.00
You Save: 48%

Save 60% on an Adorable Set of 3 Pairs of Freshwater Pearl Earrings

So cute! And quite the bargain at only $39.99 for all three pairs. Plus, the earring posts are real 14K gold - so no worries about bad reactions to cheaper metals.

Save 50% on a Beautiful, Elegant Dragonfly Pin

A beautiful, handpainted piece with intricate detailwork. :) A stunning gift for anyone - including YOU of course! Accented with beautifully sparkling Austrian crystals.

Was $19.00
Now Only $9.99

Lookin' Good Slobbos - Exotic Beaded Necklace on Sale

Add a touch of the exotic to your look today with this funky, multi-strand necklace.

Was $39.00
Now only $12.99

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Glorious Decor on a Budget: Add Comfort to Your Home

I'm on a bit of a decorating kick myself lately, so I wanted to share with you some of my favorite decorating bargains today. :) It's Sunday after all, a fun day to tackle a few home decor projects, and a perfect day to add some extra comfort to your surroundings. Enjoy!

First...add some spa-like appeal to your bathroom. On a budget, of course! Here are my favorite picks for the BATHROOM:

A. B. C.

A. A posh towel warmer AND dryer for you gorgeous slobbos who need exquisitely fluffed and warmed towels on cooler autumn days. Definitely a 5-star addition to your bath. Plus, you save a whopping 56% over the normal price! Comes in chrome, brass or nickel finish. (You'll have to click on that first box to see the photo.)

B. A fresh new white shower curtain will add crispness to any bathroom decor. Your wallet won't beg for mercy either, at a fabulous $10.99 deal.

C. Make your next bubble bath a literary affair, with this expandable bathtub caddy. Meaning that it will fit practically ANY size bathtub! A handy spot to tote your book in the bath, plus extra room for a few chocolates, a glass of wine or whatever else you need to create the perfect bathing environment.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Stunnnning: Save 58% on Chinese Laundry Wesley Pumps

I barely have words to express how stunning these are - if you're looking for a pair of jaw-droppingly beautiful gold strappy sandals, these are them.

:) Unbelievable bargain at only $24.89!

Shoes on Sale! 1st Offering: Only $19.95

You heard right, and I can imagine the huge smile spreading across your face. SHOE SALE! :) It's like applying a balm to sensitive skin, isn't it? It's just that soothing to hear those two words together.

The first amazing shoes bargain is:

Only $19.95 for these gorgeous stacked brown pumps. It's a serious heel - 4.25".
Regular price was: $44.99 - so you save 56%

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Blowout Bargains: Office Massage Chair Only $84

Recently, a cousin and I enjoyed trying a massage chair at a nearby furniture store. I nearly fell asleep while that amazing piece of furniture pounded my stresses away! Of course, that particular chair came with a hefty $1300 price tag. Gulp.

Try this Office Massage Chair instead - where else do you feel more stressed than at the office, after all? :) Plus, you're saving a whopping 66%

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Calphalon Saucepan with Lid - Was $ - Now $

Calphalon has an excellent reputation for creating the highest quality cookware. Of course, that often means it comes with a correlating price tag! :) But not today. This amazing deal rings in at an impressive 79% off. This is commercial quality at cheapo prices - exactly what I look for in a truly boggling bargain.

Summer Clearance Sale: Flower Hair Clips @ 50% Off

This is not by any means a MUST HAVE - it's just an adorable addition to any outfit. These cute tropical flower hair clips add a touch of whimsy to any ensemble, and they also prove you don't take yourself too seriously!

50% Off at Only $2.99 each