Sunday, September 17, 2006

Glorious Decor on a Budget: Add Comfort to Your Home

I'm on a bit of a decorating kick myself lately, so I wanted to share with you some of my favorite decorating bargains today. :) It's Sunday after all, a fun day to tackle a few home decor projects, and a perfect day to add some extra comfort to your surroundings. Enjoy!

First...add some spa-like appeal to your bathroom. On a budget, of course! Here are my favorite picks for the BATHROOM:

A. B. C.

A. A posh towel warmer AND dryer for you gorgeous slobbos who need exquisitely fluffed and warmed towels on cooler autumn days. Definitely a 5-star addition to your bath. Plus, you save a whopping 56% over the normal price! Comes in chrome, brass or nickel finish. (You'll have to click on that first box to see the photo.)

B. A fresh new white shower curtain will add crispness to any bathroom decor. Your wallet won't beg for mercy either, at a fabulous $10.99 deal.

C. Make your next bubble bath a literary affair, with this expandable bathtub caddy. Meaning that it will fit practically ANY size bathtub! A handy spot to tote your book in the bath, plus extra room for a few chocolates, a glass of wine or whatever else you need to create the perfect bathing environment.


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