Saturday, March 28, 2009

Come to the Dark Side (Cupcakes) T-Shirt - Too Cute

I just couldn't resist posting this one. It's TOO cute! "Come to the dark side...We have cupcakes." hehehe My husband is a Star Wars fan, and I like everything - absolutely EVERYthing - to do with cupcakes, so this seemed like a t-shirt that perfectly blended our loves.

What an adorable gift this t-shirt would make. And at under $15, it's a bargain to boot.

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Cute Toys on Sale - Girls Toys - Cupcake Maker

I'm obssessed with cupcakes, so this totally caught my eye. A fun little cupcake maker! What a perfectly fun way to spend a rainy spring afternoon...I would've flipped for this toy when I was a little girl. (Okay...I digress. I STILL would flip for it!)

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Bargains - Great Cookie Cutters for Less than a Buck

Feeling a bit bummed out with all the news of economic gloom? Hey, bake some cookies! You can get the kids in on the fun, and take a batch over to a neighbor or a friend's. Everyone likes to get a batch of homemade cookies...yum. And with a basic sugar cookie recipe it'll cost only about two dollars to bake. Way cheaper than stopping in at the bakery!

These fun cookie cutters are all less than a dollar a piece, and will let you get really creative with your next cookie baking marathon. And at less than a dollar a piece, your wallet won't groan. Have fun...

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