Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Save 80% on a Cuisinart Burr Coffee Grinder - Burr Grinders are Just Better!

Looking for a fantastic burr coffee grinder? Not sure what a burr grinder is compared to a 'regular' coffee grinder?

Burr grinders are considered the best way to grind your coffee, because the mechanism won't overheat and then burn the beans. You can tell when your coffee grinder HAS burnt your precious coffee beans, because the coffee will have a definite burnt taste to it.

Burr coffee grinders tend to be really expensive, so this is your chance to get a good quality Cuisinart grinder for less than $20 - an amazing bargain! Enjoy, java junkies!

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Save 78% on a Timberland Classic Polo Shirt - Only $9.99

This is one you'll want to stock up on, bargain lovers! A fabulous, classic Timberland polo for under ten bucks! (OOps, pardon all the exclamation points, but it really is a fabulous find.)

Regularly priced at $46.00 - still quite a variety of colors to choose from at this great sale price.

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Heavyweight Classic Messenger Bag - A Great Bag for ALL Your Stuff

Was $49.99
Now only $17.99!

Fantastic classic messenger bag to hold all your stuff - whether you're toting it to school, to work or just having fun. Loads of space, and just as many cool styles to choose from. A great bargain of the day for under $20!

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Need New Knives? Why Pay Full Price - Gorgeous 16 Pc. KitchenAid Set for Under $50

KitchenAid is a name you can trust...this full size 16 piece Kitchenaid Knife block set is not only funky and fun to look at (check out those gorgeous eye-catching red handles...no normal knife set this!)...but they're also great knives made with high carbon stainless steel. Meaning that these knives will stay sharp longer.

While you're at Amazon after clicking the link above, be sure to read the rave reviews customers give this knife set. And remember - always hone your knives before using them. For that, you'll need a decent steel. Honing your knives basically realigns the molecules on the knife's edge, giving you a beautiful cut every time. You only need to sharpen good knives like these once a year or so...

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Cut the Clutter on Your Back Porch -- Save 56% on this Handy Deck Box

Store any outdoor living essentials in this fantastic, durable deck box. Keep your deck clutter neatly stored inside...this is IDEAL for Happy Slobs!

At a sale price of under $35.00 you can get two and keep LOADS of clutter happily away from nosey neighbors' eyes...Take that, you nosey nellies!

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6 Piece Martini Set - Save 88% - Now Only $7.20

I have to post this deal before these are all gone...you save an amazing 88% off the regular price of $59.99 for this funky martini set.

Grab a couple of these and give one to a friend! At this price, you can afford to buy a few of these fantastic fashionable little sets.

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