Monday, February 19, 2007

Under $15.00 - Great Deal on a Gorgeous Copco Kettle

Only $14.99 for this beautiful Copco kettle...a real steal of a deal! And yes, it happens to be in a lovely shade of green. This would look cute sitting out on your stove anytime - and what a bargain for an excellent tea kettle.

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Cute Bubble Mug - Makes any Beverage Look Great - Priced at only $6.99

Isn't it amazing what you can get for under $7.00? This great little mug is perfect for toting to the office, and it's bright color and bubble design will get your creative motors revving, even when you wish you weren't at work!

And yes, if you noticed that all the bargains for today just HAPPEN to be in shades of green - you're not going color blind. :) It's my favorite color - hope it's yours too!

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Miracle Duster set in Lime Green - Only $5.99 for all 3 Dusters

Miracle Duster Set - Set of 3 Dusters
in Eyecatching Lime Green
Only $5.99 - One of today's Happy Slob Bargains of the Day!

Just because we're happy slobs doesn't mean we don't dust once in a while. In fact, with these eye catching and adorable little dusters, everyone in the family will want to get in on the dusting action. Really cute idea for kids too, as some of these dusters are just the right size for them.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pet Gifts and Products - Snuggle Safe - a Heating Pad for Pets

It's utterly FREEZING COLD here right now, with loads of snow falling down, and so this adorable idea really struck me. It's called Snuggle Safe, and it's a little heating pad that you can use to keep your PETS warm on cold wintry days like this one.

This little gizmo will keep any of your pets warm for a full 12-hours. That'll make you feel better when you have to head out to work, and want to make sure they're cozy and comfortable. I think this is a brilliant idea, and your pet will love it! (Especially nice at night when the temperatures really drop...this is just a plain old considerate thing to do for your pets.)

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Furminator Dog Brush - Gets rid of Pet Hair All Over the Furniture

Yes, finally a brush has been made for your beloved pooch that will END the fur all over your clothes and the furniture! It is aptly named the Furminator (cute!) and is an investment well worth making if you own a dog.

Your gorgeous little black dresses will thank you...Or, your gorgeous black sweatpants, if you're a true Happy Slob. ;0)

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Today it's all about Pet Stuff - Gifts for Your Pets, and so much more

I decided that I've been ignoring the whole category of Pet goodies for long enough. :) So, today I've found some pet related bargains that you can buy for your favorite furry (or finny or feathery) friend!

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Pearlessence Room Scents - Reed Aroma Diffuser - Only $16.00

With a fresh scent, this adorable little reed fragrance diffuser could make a great hostess gift. There are still four scents to choose from:

  • Lemongrass
  • Lavender Vanilla
  • Orange Sandalwood
  • White Tea

How does this crazy little contraption work to get your home smelling lovely? The natural rattan reeds stick out from the scent, and naturally diffuse the fragrance oil all around the room. Longer lasting and just plain prettier than a bunch of potpourri, and a safer option than candles, especially for parents.

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