Wednesday, January 24, 2007

LL Cool J's New Fitness/Workout/Weightlifting Book

I have to start out this fitness blog day with a book that looks & sounds truly amazing, and from a guy who really knows what he's talking about when he talks about fitness! LL Cool J has an incredible build, and so this is a book I'm going to be getting for my husband. :) We're both trying to get fitter, and I know this will inspire both of us.

Amazon reader reviews are very good on LL Cool J's Platinum Workout - take a look and see if this is a book that will also inspire you to stick to your new fitness goals. I think it will! (How can you not be inspired when you see this guy's physique??)

Today's Bargain Theme Is: Getting Fit and Healthy in 2007

Yep, maybe you've already started that new workout routine and healthier eating. Or maybe you HAD started, but already fell off the bandwagon. No worries! Today's bargains will inspire you to get healthier than ever before, and take on fitness and better health as a lifestyle, and not just an occasional idea. :) Enjoy these great deals, bargain hunters (and fitness gurus in the making!)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Get Fit in 2007 - This Fat Loss Monitor Will Help

Want to get fit this year? This amazing fat loss monitor shows you far more than just how much weight you've lost. It actually calculates your rate of FAT loss! Which, we know, is far more important - because muscle weighs more than fat, but we WANT nice, lovely fat-burning muscle on our bodies.

Also a great gift if you know a friend who's undertaken a major healthier-lifestyle challenge this year.

Bedding and Linens Bargains - 1000 Thread Count King Sheets Set - 100% Cotton - Save

This STUNNING King Size sheet set in the soothing shade of ivory is a bargain that we Happy Slobs can REALLY get excited about!
SAVE 89% Off the Regular Price! Yay!

Regularly priced at (whoah) $450.00, the January sales have brought these down into reach for us frugalites. Now they're only $49.99! So, if you have a big, whomping KING size bed and you need luxurious sheets to sink into at night, you've found them. And a fabulouso bargain at the same time.

Twin Sheet Set with Snowmen - Was $30.00 - Now a Shockingly Low $5.99!

Save a Jaw Dropping 80% on these adorable little twin sheet sets. The snowmen are the sheets featured, but these cozy flannel sheets (which would be perfect for kids) are also available in 'Hats and Mittens' pattern or 'Snowflakes'.

How much cuter can a winter-inspired set of twin sheets GET? That's right - it's impossible to get any cuter. :) Buy a few of these bargain priced sheets sets for your kids or grandkids.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tea Bargains - Bentley's Tea Chest filled with 120 Tea Bags - Only $26.67

Now HERE is a great gift for real tea lovers. Bentley's delicious teas all come packed beautifully in this wooden chest. A total of 6 different varieties of teas, including:

  • Orange Spice
  • Raspberry
  • Earl Grey tea
  • Green Tea

All in a really stunning velvet-lined wooden tea chest that would be perfect to keep after you've drunk ALL that tea. :) Was $49.99 (pretty good value even at that price) but now it's at a bargain price of only $26.67

Rooibos Tea Sampler in Tins - All 6 Tins for Only $11.00

If you haven't tried delicious rooibos tea yet, you'll enjoy this fantastic little sampler tea set with 6 different tins of rooibos tea - all for only $11! This would also make a cute hostess gift for a tea loving friend. (Rooibos is also known as Red Tea)

P.S. Tea lovers will also enjoy viewing my favorite teapots

Today's Bargain Inspiration is - All About Tea

Today's bargains are all tea related! So, tea lovers - enjoy all of these fantastic tea bargains.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Clarks of England Shoe Sale - Men's Classic Kip Oxford - Under $50

Clarks of England equals quality - truly beautiful footwear that looks just as good as it feels! It's rare to find a beautiful pair of men's oxford shoes like this for under fifty dollars. In fact, these shoes regularly retail for $89.95. A real classic in men's shoes - and still available in two colors and a wide range of sizes, so get yours!

More Accessories on Sale - Gorgeous Argyle Sweater 77% Off

Now THIS is a beautiful bargain! A stunning medley of brown and green - all sorts of lovely earthy colors for those of us who love them - in a classical argyle style. This Choix Des Sportifs Sweater will be one you grab again and's a comfortable and classy choice. And it'll make you feel downright scholarly...or is that just me?

Regular price $108.00
Now: Save 77% Sale Price: $24.90

Women's Accessories Bargains - Sale on Accessories

  • January is THE time for great bargains. Here are some of my favorite current bargains I just found and wanted to share with fellow Happy Slob Bargain Hunters!

    MIR Cashmere Wrap/Scarf - Was $99.00 - Now only $28! Keep warm in the wintry weather with this simply stunning wrap...saving nearly $70 in the bargain will make you feel even better! Two beautiful colors are still available, so get 'wrapped' in this bargain today!