Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Great Bridal Shower Gifts: Betty Crocker Cookbook (Bridal Edition)

For the bride who isn't entirely confident in the kitchen, this bridal edition of the much-loved Betty Crocker cookbook series is JUST the right gift to take to the bridal shower...

Save 34% off the regular price

Here's the official Book Description:

Book Description
Begin your new life together with this beautiful keepsake version of the tenth edition of the "Big Red" Betty Crocker Cookbook. A book to be used and cherished, it includes all of the trusted recipes (more than 1,000 in all) and helpful advice of "Big Red," plus a 32-page color bonus section just for newlyweds. It's filled with information on organizing the kitchen, entertaining friends and relatives for different occasions (including your first Thanksgiving!) and creating romantic meals for two. Specially designed memory plates offer space to record holiday meals and other memorable moments. This bridal edition of the Betty Crocker Cookbook is the gift you will count on—and treasure—as you create memories that last a lifetime.

Kitchen Gift Ideas - Non-stick Silicone Baking Sheets

No more stuck cookies or biscuits on your old cookie sheets. These amazing silicone baking sheets will have those baked goodies sliding right off - and the cleanup is as simple as wiping the mess away.

A great bargain too, at only $12.95 each!

Kitchen Gifts - Oxo Good Grips Salad Spinner

In the kitchenwares shop where I work, we sell an awful lot of Oxo Good Grips products. They're well made, easy to use - and are great for anyone who has arthritist or difficulty gripping regular kitchen tools.

Here's their fabulous salad spinner, which gets salad perfectly dry and ready to dress:

Great Gifts at Bargain Prices

Today's theme for this bargain hunter is great gifts at equally amazing prices. :) Hope you find some inspiration for a gift for someone YOU love! I went on a hunt for some of the most wished for gifts at Amazon and here's what I found...

First up is:
Freakonomics - a Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything
Save 40% off regular price

Forget your image of an economist as a crusty professor worried about fluctuating interest rates: Levitt focuses his attention on more intimate real-world issues, like whether reading to your baby will make her a better student.