Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fitness Bargains -- Pedometers, Resistance Bands and Jump Ropes

Feeling a bit sluggish? Eaten too many cookies? Extra calories seemingly coming out of your ears at this point? Here are a few fitness bargains to grab your attention and ease that belt again...and have fun at the same time! And all will cost you far less than joining a swanky gym.


Simple, just track your steps and aim to walk more steps every day. The easiest exercise around, plus you'll be motivated to get more and more activity.

Resistance Bands
Your muscles are toned as you use these - and for under ten bucks, they're an undeniable bargain! Look at you, fit and frugal all at the same time...

Jumping Ropes
Ever wonder why boxers skip rope? To build their endurance, plus to boost their coordination! It's the ultimate frugal workout - just skip rope while you're watching your favorite show and you'll be amazed by how great a workout it is.

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