Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Privo Slip On Shoes that I Love - Clarks of England - Bargain Quality Shoes

A great bargain on cheapo shoes isn't really that great a bargain. Your feet will pay, even if your wallet doesn't! But these little babies by Privo (of Clarks of England shoes) will provide comfort to your tootsies - even if your day begins at the crack of dawn and seems to never stop! This is the Monty style, by the way, and it comes in a variety of colors - I LOOOOVE the Chocolate Nubuck!

Clarks of England make classical, comfortable shoes that are a great quality. Privo seems to be their trendier line - they're fantastic, fun and super cozy on your feet. (Right...and you've visited my Shoe Closet Blog haven't you? I feature loads of great shoes there, all on sale!)

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