Monday, April 30, 2012

Cupcake Apron - Gifts for Cupcake Lovers

It seems oh so appropriate to wear a cupcake apron while baking up a batch of your favorite...

cinnamon rolls. Oops, urm...I'm easily distracted. And man since I've gone gluten free do I ever crave a decent cinnamon roll. Right - cupcakes being today's theme, this apron is utterly adorable.

Cupcake Stuff - Cupcake Corer to fill cupcakes - Under $5

Ooh, here's a great bargain for any cupcake fanatic (and who ISN'T a cupcake nut nowadays?) This cute little cupcake corer will take out the cakey inside of your cupcake and...

create a lovely cupcake cavern that you can fill with cream cheese filling, frosting, whipped cream, or whatever your cupcake-obssessed self can dream up. Have fun, cupcake creator! And did I mention it costs less than five bucks?

Tote your cupcakes anywhere - with this deluxe cupcake carrier

Bake and take your cupcakes with this handy cupcake carrier.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Time for new dishes? Great deals on dinnerware

A Fresh Table Starts with Fresh Dinnerware

Here are some fantastic online deals right now on dishes and dinnerware. Set your table with a fresh new flavor (and not only with the food!). Here's some dinnerware that is guaranteed to please any fashionable foodie:

Corelle dinnerware and tableware has never looked so good! Remember how everyone's Mom (Urm...well, at least my Mom) always had Corelle? The sturdy, dependable and oh so durable dishes are looking better than ever with these patterns now available and on sale:

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