Tuesday, July 25, 2006

One More Baby Bargain: White Crochet Cardigan

Fabulous for chilly nights - this is a sweet gift for your favorite little one. :) Adorable, and at under $5.00, it's a huge bargain.

Baby Bodysuits/Onesis - Only $2.99 Each!

Hehe, finding these baby bargains for you Bargain hunting parents is FUN! These adorable little onesies/bodysuits are perfect for baby in this warm weather - and each has a cute little animal. :) Cute little animal for YOUR cute little animal, urm, child.

White Baby T-shirts - Infant Sizes - Only $2.49

Definitely worth stocking up on - babies in little while t-shirts are SO utterly sweet! :) Tagless label, so baby won't feel itchy and irritable.

Baby Bargains: Baby Bargains Book

How can so many people AFFORD to be parents? :) It's incredibly expensive, so this book is the first of many baby bargains I'll be posting today, to help all of you amazing parents save your hard earned money!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Daisies Everywhere: Daisy Drink Coasters

Adorable! A bright and fashionable drink coaster to settle your icy glass of lemonade on top of...

Daisies Everywhere - Daisy Kitchen Towels

Can you even IMAGINE any cuter towels than these? Pretty blue with liberal sprinklings of daisies for good measure...

Daisies Everywhere - Daisy Cookie Cutters

I love daisies! They're so simple, sweet and uncomplicated. I found some fun bargains that all feature a daisy theme - enjoy!

First up is a set of DAISY COOKIE CUTTERS. These would be so cute to bake and then ice with bright yellow icing. :)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Magazine Bargains a Go-Go - from Real Simple to In Style and Back...

I've got some magazine bargains for you today, so enjoy, magazine lovers... Oh, and definitely pick up a subscription for a friend. It's a cheap way to make them smile! And, a good read in the bathroom, if you must know...

For those Who Keep Things Simple:

For those Who Can't Stop Cooking (& Wouldn't Want to...)

For those Who Love Cheap Travel:
Save a Whopping 73% On Budget Travel Magazine

For Indoorsy/Decorating Types:

For The Stylish Among Us:

Friday, July 14, 2006

Coffee Bean Candles - My Friday Pick! (only $6!)

These are just SO adorable and a perfect little 'no reason' gift for a great pal or co-worker! :) It looks just like coffee beans nestled inside this cute tin, but smells like decadent chocolate...Only $6.00 and FREE Shipping, so pick up a few.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Prada Handbags Blowout - Great Discounted Prices on Prada Bags

You stylish slobbos will love today's finds...check out these Prada handbags, all at DRASTICALLY slashed prices! Great for handbag lovers - and isn't that all of us?

Prada Black Rectangular Handbag - Was $230.00 - Now $69.89

Prada Women's Backpack - Was $300.00 - Now $ 149.89

Prada Women's Tote with Pockets (in Beige) - Was $1095.00 - Now $479.89
Comes with a certificate of authenticity; made in Italy

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Black and Decker Appliance Blowout - Only $9.99

You read right, bargain hunters! :) Black and Decker has a serious special going on right now - choose from a toaster oven, coffeemaker, 12-speed blender, or a Dustbuster cyclonic hand vac. All only $9.99 - yeah, under 10 bucks. Woohoo! (You have to send in for the rebate - but that takes about two seconds to do. :) Well worth the effort...)

This would be a great time to stock up on some gifts...Hey, friends and family don't need to know how much you saved, now do they?

Sunday, July 02, 2006

For the Love of Vanilla: My Top Picks

I adore vanilla and I'll bet you do too. :) Here are today's Vanilla Must Haves for Happy Slobs. Here's a hint: there's a vanilla treat for YOU, your HOME and your PETS.

  • Big Train Vanilla Syrup -- Add a heavy dose of vanilla flavor to coffee and other beverages with this amazing stuff - just like what the coffee shops use. Once you try it, you won't want plain old coffee ever again...
  • Gourmet Vanilla Reed Diffuser - Fill your home with the natural scent of vanilla with this wonderful air diffuser. Reed Diffusers provide a flameless air freshener and make an equally effective centerpiece. A deceptively simple and elegant grouping of bamboo sticks - is both attractive and unusually effective. The reed diffuser oil travels up through the bamboo sticks and fills the room. Reed diffusers are inviting and offer each space its own unique fragrance. This will last up to 6 months and provides a great alternative to 'regular' air fresheners.

  • Vanilla Dog Treats - Nope, your favorite canine does NOT go unnoticed around your home. :) Keeping our vanilla theme in mind, here are some gourmet pooch treats in Vanilla flavor for your best pal. From the Three Dog Bakery:

Garlic Lovers Rejoice: Zyliss Susi Garlic Press

The BEST garlic press - pop in a whole garlic clove and watch it come out perfectly squashed and ready for your culinary creations. :) Since starting working in a...

cute little kitchenwares shop, I've come to learn that Zyliss products are popular for a reason - the quality is great! And at $14.99 for a garlic press that will work perfectly for years and years, it's a Happy Slob Bargain indeed!

Save a Whopping 76% on a Flat Screen Phillips TV

If you want a gift that REALLY impresses...check out this sweet deal (76% savings!!) on a posh TV. :) Great for us reality TV junkies (even if we hate to admit it...even to ourselves!)