Thursday, June 29, 2006

Luma Tweeze - Only $9.99 - for the BEST Tweezers (Plus a mini light attached!)

Some ideas just go hand in hand -- to keep your brows looking beeeeeeeeeeyooooootiful, try Luma Tweeze. Now, why didn't someone think of this before? A set of amazing tweezers that have a miniature light on the end to make it really easy to see exactly where all those rebellious little hairs are...A cute and quirky gift idea too, especially for those eyebrow perfectionists among us.

Linens N' Things

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Up to 70% off at Delia's -- Plus a Code for FREE SHIPPING
Now THIS is a bargain my slobbo pals! :) Delias is a fabulous online shop with shoes, dresses, accessories, pants - anything your teen girl will love is right here! Plus, at savings up to 70% off and a FREE SHIPPING Code (DQFAFF is the code to use at checkout) you'll get her everything she needs but at an amazing price:

Free Shipping on Gorgeous Flowers - Plus Low Prices
Here's a great deal for any of you looking for a quick and easy gift you can buy online today. Flowers ALWAYS fit the bill! :) I'm a flower nut myself, so I loved the idea that this place offers free shipping:
One of the Greatest Gift Baskets You'll Ever Find!
No kidding! :) If I were to receive one of these PAMPER HER gift baskets, you'd see a huge smile spread across my face. It's packed full with goodies that your Mom, wife, best friend, sister, aunt, grandma, boss - whoever! - will love.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

For Slobs Who Cook: Great Deal on a French Mandoline
Save 29% -- Slices Veggies, Fruits, Cheese with Ease

Since starting work in a posh kitchen shop, I've come to have a new appreciation for a good mandoline. This does a lot of the hard slicing and chopping work for you in the kitchen. All sorts of people come in looking for these! And if you watch the Food Network, you'll see that many chefs on there rely on these handy kitchen tools as well. Includes a safety food holder to make sure you don't slice your finger!
Save a Whopping 73% On This Gorgeous KING Bedding/Comforter Set
Was $150.00 - Now $39.99

Here's another fantastic bedding bargain today -- a really gorgeous looking King size comforter set in really rich earth tone colors. :) This looks so posh, it would've been a decent bargain at $150 - but take 73% off and it's a ridiculous find! Lovely patchwork design - you'll love it.

Down Comforter Set - Save 67% Only $39.99 - Faux Suede in Sage Green

Now THIS is a bargain worthy of our attention! A gorgeous set of new bedding in a creamy sage green color - plus lots of other colors still left to choose from to match your decor. A fantastic bargain, slobbos - snatch one of these today!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Classic Author #1 -- Jane Austen -- Classic Summer Reading
I've decided that this summer I'm going to read or RE-read some of my favorite classic novels. The first one being:

This is one I have read, but want to RE-read.
Few have failed to be charmed by the witty and independent spirit of Elizabeth Bennet. Her early determination to dislike Mr. Darcy is a prejudice only matched by the folly of his arrogant pride. Their first impressions give way to true feelings in a comedy profoundly concerned with happiness and how it might be achieved.

Want some appropriate music to play while happily lost in Jane Austen's writing? I found an amazing CD - the Jane Austen Companion - that will fill your ears with the lovely symphonic works that Jane herself likely loved. :) If you click on the link below, you can listen to samples of the music. This is definitely one CD that I'll be picking up!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Burt's Bees -- Original Beeswax Lip Balm -- Only $2.50
Here's the original Burt's Bees product - AND - still the most popular. :) I keep a tin of this amazing lip balm in my bag ALL the time. It makes your lips feel great, with natural peppermint oil, comfrey root extract and rosemary extract. It smells AMAZING too. And at a price of $2.50, I would suggest stocking up on these precious little goodies...Keep one in the car, one in your handbag...I think you get the idea!

Today it's ALL About Burt's Bees Products
I know I've mentioned before that this line of products are some of my favorites, and no wonder! Burt's Bees has a wide range of beauty and toiletry products -- and are all-natural and of the best quality.

Get started with the Burt's Bees Head to Toe Starter Kit for all of the most essential products you'll use the most:

  • Hand Salve .3oz.
  • Coconut Foot Crème .4oz.
  • Milk & Honey Body Lotion 1oz.
  • Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Crème .25oz.
  • Garden Tomato Toner 1oz.
  • Carrot Day Cream .25oz.
  • Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream .3oz.
  • Orange Essence Facial Cleanser .4oz.
  • Beeswax Lip Balm .15oz.
  • Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar .8oz.
  • Peppermint Shower Soap .8oz.
  • Apricot Baby Oil 1oz.'s only $13.00! Get one for you and one for a friend. This will make a great gift for anyone, anytime. Plus, you'll get to try out all sorts of Burts Bees favorites, so that you'll know which of the larger size containers you'll want to buy. :)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Outdoor Living Bargain of the Day: Spinning Flower Bamboo Garden Chimes
Save 45% - Now only $29.99

  • Bamboo chimes combined with pink spinning flower.

  • Hand-tuned bamboo chimes impart a relaxing, mellow sound.

  • Naturally weather resistant and strung from durable nylon cord.

  • Hand-made using renewable resources including non-endangered soft wood and bamboo..

  • Chime hangs approximately 39" long and rings and "spins" easily in a mild breeze

This will definitely add some character to your garden, patio or balcony this summer! Sounds lovely too. :)

Save a Whopping $80.00 on a Swanky Kitchen Baker - Oval Green

  • Microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe up to teperatures of 400 degrees

  • Large oval baking dish with 3.5-quart capacity in colorful green

  • Features simple, slightly retro-funky lines; includes lid

  • Accented by two ribbon-like handles on either side

  • Handcrafted in Japan from the finest high-fire stoneware

This is the best of the best folks - the kind of bakeware you'll be using for the rest of your life! :) Yes, the quality is that good and you're saving $80.00 on this swanky stoneware baking dish. Amazing! Plus, it comes in a fashionable lime green color that you'll love!

Kitchen Bargain: 31% off Kitchenaid Mixers
Whenever I watch the Food Network, it's inevitable that the chefs use a Kitchenaid mixer or blender or some appliance. :) They're really THAT good, and right now there are some great prices to be had on these top of the line kitchen necessities. Available in tons of colors, so that you'll find one that looks perfect in YOUR kitchen.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Bissell Featherweight Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner - Only $15.99!
Here's a ridiculously low price if you need a lightweight vacuum. Under $20 and you're set to go! This would be great for college students too - and hey, even you guys can afford it! ;)

Lavender Bargains at Amazon Today
So maybe I do have a WEE little addiction to lavender. :) I could have worse vices, right? If you're a fellow lavenderaholic, check out these cool deals over at Amazon:

The Lavender Cookbook
Yep, you can cook with this amazing stuff!

Or...splurge on a Spa Haven Lavender Gift Basket. This would be a great gift.